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Quality Policy

Customer-oriented, people-oriented, quality first, honesty, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence

a. Customer-oriented: meet the needs of customers with core technology, exceed customer requirements, and achieve loyal supply and demand relationship;
b. People-oriented: adhere to the people-oriented, create space for employees to develop freely;
c. Quality first: comprehensively strengthen internal quality management based on customer needs;
d. Sincerity is big: adhering to the principle of fair competition, abide by credit; insist on treating others with integrity and doing things honestly;
e. Constant innovation: through concept innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, business innovation, management innovation;
f. Pursuit of excellence: to create a first-class brand of precision high-end connectors.

Environmental policy:

Pollution prevention, compliance with laws, energy conservation, economic development, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

Health first, safety first, scientific prevention; full participation, compliance with regulations, continuous improvement.

As a member of the electronics industry supply chain, Gree fulfills its corporate social responsibility and abides by the standards set by the EICC.
We pledge and promise not to use and purchase conflict metals from regions such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.